Oregon’s Riches Ride the Rails

A snapshot of Oregon’s history and development in model form built by the Willamette Valley Railroad Museum Members

 The Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) was one of the largest and most influential railroads in the west. At its high point, the mighty SP's system stretched from Portland, OR, to New Orleans, LA, with many branch lines and secondary mainlines covering the country.
The Southern Pacific Railroad’s Siskiyou Line was a key factor in southern Oregon’s industry and growth. It stretches 300 miles from Springfield Junction, Oregon to Black Butte, California. This was the original railroad mainline for Southern Pacific linking California and Oregon until the completion of the Cascade Line in 1926. The areas in southern Oregon it served, with its branch lines, encompassed all of the natural resource and agriculture production that built Oregon into what it is today.


The history and growth of this southern Oregon region is a snapshot of Oregon statewide. By modeling parts of this region between 1940-1960, the history of Oregon can be showcased in a model railroad display.